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Advice to the Christian Right1 min read

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Joe at EO has some nice advice to us in the Christian Right.  Here’s some good ones:

  • I can’t make excuses for us on this one anymore: We have to take a firm stand against torture.
  • Whenever you hear someone say that the religious right is attempting to install a theocracy, simply say “You’re an idiot” and move on.

  • We have ideological enemies (e.g., Islamo-fascists) and ideological opponents (e.g., secular liberals). Our ideological opponents want us to lose elections; our ideological enemies want us to lose our lives. While we have to love them all, we shouldn’t lump them all together.
  • It is not enough to simply baptize the conservative agenda; our political beliefs must be derived from our Biblical worldview.
  • Today, we religious conservatives need to follow that precedent by purging the most odious hangers-on from our company. I propose that we start with the obnoxious, hate-spewing Ann Coulter.

I think he’s a little too hard on Coulter, but I tend to agree about distancing ourselves from her if we are Christians.