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Lucy’s Child May Make a Monkey Out of Evolutionists1 min read

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lucyA consistent pattern in hominid fossils is that evolutionists are constantly trying to fit them into their timeline, and are regularly discovering hominids that “must be” the oldest living humans.  However, they often turn out to be just apes (see, for example, the Toumai skull), and creationists like Marvin Lubenow argue well that these are mostly extinct apes, and not really related to humans at all.

Case in point – the famous “lucy” discovered by the Leakeys is probably an ape, but just recently, “lucy’s child” has been discovered (see discussion on Nature’s website).  All the data is not in, but this well preserved specimen (unlike the fragmentary Lucy) may very well dethrone yet another “ancient human fossil.”  So much faith in evolution, and so much speculation and  incomplete and contradictory evidence.