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Sexual Orientation Policies1 min read

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So, I get the stockholders report from my company, and we have to vote on the board of directors, and some policy recommendations.  One of the proposals was a Sexual Orientation/Equality Principles policy, submitted by the Boards of Trustees of the New York City Pension Funds.   It seemed innocuous enough, but interestingly, our company’s board of directors recommended thus:

We believe that our current policies adequately reflect our strong commitment to non-discrimination and that there is no need to adopt the proposal.  Accordingly, the board of directors unanimously recommends that stockholders vote against the proposal.

I was surprised to see this, and I wonder why they took this stand.  We already have all kinds of diversity training on this, and I think we already pay benefits to partners (I *think*).  Maybe they don’t want to have to develop more ways to measure compliance.  Maybe they don’t like the NYCPF dictating policy to us.  Or maybe they don’t want to provide any more benefits to domestic partners.  Anyway, interesting.