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How Nations Descend into Tyranny1 min read

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I remember reading an article about societal reformation, and the clear process of how nations descend into totalitarianism.  The underlying principle below is that there is no lasting freedom without a Judeo Christian people (i.e. virtuous) and outlook.  This may sound crazy, but look around the world and ask yourself, what countries really have the greatest freedoms? The Communists? The Islamists? “Secularist” Turkey?  The African countries torn by war? Or the xian ones?


  1. Christians cease being salt and light.
  2. Society abandons biblical principle in favor of some other, usually humanistic or naturalistic standard.
  3. Societal values become subjective, and perverted by the fallen nature of man, virtue declines, and immorality (sexual, moral, financial) ensues.
  4. Society becomes chaotic, markets fail, fear ensues
  5. To bring order, a military and/or religious military crackdown ensues, ushering in a totalitarian govt to keep order.


  1. Christians return to God personally, and begin to affect their communities with service and preaching
  2. More people become Christians, returning virtue to society.
  3. People begin desiring a free government, and begin to demand it.
  4. Leaders emerge, and some usually die in the effort to shake the militants from power.
  5. Free government is restored, along with freedom of religion and speech, etc.