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Evolution and Religion: Not Compatible?1 min read

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One of my favorite podcasts is from  While most of the Intelligent Design pieces are anti-ID and anti-creationism, the radio piece Evolution and Religion: Quit pretending they’re compatible is very interesting.  The author discusses how evolution does contradict faith, and we see this in demographic data – more people abandoning faith, as well as more people disbelieving evolution despite the “obviously true” claims of evolutionists.  The author is not in favor of creationism, nor is he making political statements, just factual ones.  This supports my contention that evolution is not faith-neutral (see also Why Most Evangelicals Don’t Like Evolution).  From the radio essay:

“It’s just a reality that evolution does threaten belief.  I’m not sure it does any of us any good to pretend that it doesn’t.  It doesn’t mean that they are contradictory…or that you can’t believe in both things.   But the historical reality of what happens when evolution is accepted and becomes a more prevalent belief is that religious beliefs diminish.”