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Darwinism to Go the Way of Marxism (and the Dinosaur)?1 min read

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Pis Pat Buchanan has written a fantastic article entitled Tom Bethell Puts Darwinism on Defense.  Of course, he is referring to Bethel’s book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, which among other things, slams Darwinism as a theory of origins.  Buchanan’s article is well said and clear.  Here’s my favorite portion:
There are other questions Darwinists need to answer. If believing that Christ raised people from the dead is a matter of faith — and it is — is not the Darwinist claim that nature created life out of non-life a matter of faith? If it is science, why can’t scientists replicate it in microcosm in a laboratory?

If scientists know life came from matter and matter from non-matter, why don’t they show us how this was done, instead of asserting it was done, and calling us names for not taking their claims on faith?

Clearly, a continued belief in the absolute truth of Darwinist evolution is but an act of faith that fulfills a psychological need of folks who have rejected God.

My sentiments exactly.