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Should A Christian Eat at Hooters?2 min read

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Hoot About a year ago, they opened up a Hooters restaurant in the town where I work.  Today, I ventured in with a coworker to have lunch. 

My first impression – dang!  I didn’t know that they also wore short-shorts, where their butt cheeks stick out.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the push-up bras and tank tops.  Walking in felt like walking into a playboy bunny convention – except all the bunnies were waitresses.

While trying to talk to my coworker, I found passing waitresses to be – a bit distracting.  My experience was that it was all a bit unnerving and uncomfortable – what do they want you to do, ogle the waitresses?  Flirt?  Grab butt cheeks?

One of the waitresses came up and stroked my beard a couple of times, and I was like, "what?"  Is this normal? Anyway, I made sure my wedding band was on the correct hand, and displayed it prominently.  The the food was your basic bar and grill food, nothing great, and overpriced. 

Upon leaving, I bought my wife one of those Hooters tank tops.  At least at home, I can look and touch – who wants to torment themselves by going into a place where you can look but you can’t have?  Needless to say, I won’t be going back – it’s not worth the distraction, nor the cash.