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Video game news2 min read

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I grew up on video games and although my current work and home situation does not allow me much time to play, I still enjoy ever chance I get to play video games by myself or to get together with some old friends and “throw down.”

That being said, it appears video games are not quite what they used to be.

Ace links to a story about a new peace protest video game.

Now, I am not opposed to nonviolent protest and the like. They have impacted this country for the better on many occasions, but I cannot think of a more boring concept for a video game. Are they asking for ridicule or what?

Also via Ace, a child’s ranting and raving at his mother is recording by Xbox Love. The child screams as his mother to “get me some mother****ing chocolate milk” as he plays Rainbow Six.

Do I even have to get into what would happen 1) if I would have said that as a child 2) if my son(s) were to say that to my wife? Needless to say, it would be a long time (if ever) before my son played another video game.

What is even sadden though is that this mom, who is already letting her young child play a video game rated Mature, probably went and got the kid his chocolate milk. Is it wrong that as a parent, other parents’ actions disgust me?