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Christian Worldview in action2 min read

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I had the privilege of attending the Christian Worldview Center’s VisionQuest 2005 with Dr. Richard Land and Nancy Pearcey. I have never been more challenged and comforted, informed and inspired than I was this weekend.

Later today and this week I will delve into specifics discussed at the conference, but I wanted to give my general impression of the weekend and the speakers.

Dr. Land is a self-described “iconoclastic contrarian.” He lived up to that self-billing. He pulled no punches (positive or negative), giving his honest assessment of the situation and individuals. He was more than willing to tell you something was right (or wrong) and why it was so.

He provided most of the inspiration for the weekend by his optimistic outlook on the cultural landscape. Land pointed to statistics that indicates 18-34 year-olds are the most conservative, pro-life demographic in America. He said there is a movement growing “under the radar” among young people as a backlash against the liberal policies (individual and governmental) of their parents. Specifically among Christian young people he said they are more open than ever to a “spiritual awakening that could lead to a revival that could lead to a reformation.”

Mrs. Pearcey provided the perfect balance to Land’s inspiration by giving those in attendance all the information they could catch on Christian Worldview.

While listening to Land I felt as if I was in a southern tent meeting. With Pearcey it was if I was sitting in an Ivy League classroom. She was dispensing information as fast as (or faster than) I could write it down.

She was a very personable individual. I had the opportunity to introduce myself, have her sign my Mind & Media provided copy of Total Truth, and discuss blogging. I was even able to give her one of my blog cards (provided by Mind & Media and designed by Digery Studios). She said she would have to read this blog some.

The weekend was a tremendous opportunity for me and I was so elated to have the chance to be a part of it. Many times I found myself just standing listening to conversations both Dr. Land and Mrs. Pearcey were having just to hear the wisdom and insight that they possessed. I will share some more specifics later, including Land’s predictions for the 2008 presidential election and Pearcey’s explanation of the unscientific nature of the pro-choice position.