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Evangelicalism at Ivy League Schools1 min read

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The New York Times has been running a series on class in America called Class Matters.  This past week, they ran a very interesting article on Evangelicalism at Ivy League schools.  It discusses how evangelicalism is no longer a religion of the "rural south" but has moved upwards into places of influence, including the culture-forging universities. 

Additionally, one of the authors of this article was interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  Terry is a fantastic interviewer, and she tries really hard to not let her somewhat liberal bias influence her interviews – but her obvious rappor with liberal guests, and in this case, her "measured" rappor with the NYT author, who is obviously trying to be objective and kind towards evangelicals, is interesting.  The other interviews in this one hour show were also good.  Check ’em out – they’ll be posted at 3PM ET.