The Exciting New ESV Journaling Bible

Esv I am very excited to see that my newfound favorite literal translation of the Bible, the English Standard Version (ESV), has just been published in an edition that has large ruled margins for note-taking.  Very nice. 

5 thoughts on “The Exciting New ESV Journaling Bible”

  1. Cineaste says:

    Seeker, why don’t you pencil in the margin that you don’t believe people have hearts unless you “can measure it’s affects in real time” and “cut you open.”

  2. danielg says:

    Actually, you missed my vivid point – that I can do experiments to see if you have a heart – I don't have to infer anything! But I'll put your name next to the scripture "love your enemies" ;)

  3. Cineaste says:

    You dope, the point is you don’t need to do freaking experiments to know that other people have a heart. Don’t be purposefully ignorant.

  4. danielg says:

    Maybe that was your point, but I think that your analogy is totally incorrect in trying to prove that you understand experimental science.
    Without assuming prior knowledge, you were saying that I would have to infer you have a heart because there is no way to experimentally find out. While that is true about evolution, it is not true about your analogy.
    I'm not being ingorant – I'm missing your point entirely.

  5. Cineaste says:

    I posted a reply to experimentation vs. induction in “The tale of two churches” thread.
    I’m not being ingorant – I’m missing your point entirely.
    Okay, fair enough. To know that you Seeker, have a heart I do not need to experiment on you in any way, measure you, or cut you open. I can deduce, infer that 1. you are a human being and 2. as a human being, you have a heart. Now, was my deduction empirical even though I can’t touch, see or feel you, know nothing about you except through these pixilated words? Yes, it was empirical because my conclusion was based upon fact; that those humans who have been “cut open” have a heart, and I was able to derive general principles from particular facts and instances Induction and deduction, two sides of the same coin, we do the same thing with gravity and evolution. Please dont reply to this here but rather in the two churches thread as I don’t want to muck up your blog with my digressions more than I already have. Thanks, Seeker.