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One device to rule them all? The Motorola Droid2 min read

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Multimediadock This has nothing to do with the Bible or God, but I had to blog on it.  I am nearing the end of my ATT wireless contract, and am a gadget geek looking for a new phone.  There are so many phones either coming or just arrived that are so tempting, including the

But today I found out about the Motorola Droid, the first Verizon phone to use the Google Android operating system, coming November 6th!

But what really wins my heart over is that I can replace SIX electronic devices with this one device, and the last is just radical – besides being a

  1. phone
  2. 5Mp camera
  3. DVD-quality video recorder (720×480 resolution)
  4. portable media player
  5. GPS navigator (it is the first to come with Google Maps™ Navigation – free turn-by-turn directions!!)

if you buy the multimedia dock (pictured) it can charge while being your alarm clock!!!

I am smitten!  More gushing after the jump.

Verizon-droid-4 This new phone has so many great features, I just had to list a few

  • HUGE 3.7 inch 16×9 screen
  • 480 x 854 pixels screen
  • 5 MP camera with image stabilization
  • Dual microphone noise cancellation (wonder if that works w/ bluetooth headset?)
  • Flash-enabled browser
  • Gaming keypad!

Now, it does have a couple of cons, notably:

  • The keyboard is not that responsive, and the keys are kinda flat
  • It has ugly squarish styling

But that's a small price to pay for a really functional large phone!  Here's one more pic, and then some vids.