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Egalitarianism and Male Spiritual Formation

A lot of people I know and respect have abandoned the Complementarian view for Christian Egalitarianism.. High profile evangelicals have furthered the dialog, like Rachael Held Evans‘ in her book Year of Biblical Womanhood. But as I’ve repeatedly affirmed, abandoning full Complentarianism for Egalitarianism is...


Homeschooling Material for 6th Grade

This is our first year doing homeschooling – we are starting our 6th grader, while our two younger children are still in the excellent Walnut Grove public school. We are totally nervous (n00bs), and since we are homeschooling under Connecting Waters charter home school, we...


When Islam Abandoned Reason

Robert R. Reilly, who has more accomplishments than I can list, has written a fascinating historical account of 9th century Islam, and how the more Hellenic (Greek) version of Islam, which viewed reason and faith as complementary, was ousted by the anti-reason school of thought...