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A response to the Mohler-Date debate on Unbelievable?1 min read

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mohlerdateA few weeks ago, the excellent British radio show and podcast Unbelievable aired a 30 minute debate (way too short) on the topic of Conditional Immortality – the doctrine that claims the Bible does not teach eternal conscious torment for the unrepentant, but rather, annihilation. I am convinced that this position is correct, and my friend Chris Date, a leader in this modern movement and co-contributor at took on Evangelical thought leader Al Mohler very well.

In this series of two podcasts, Chris, myself, and Peter Grice, one of the founders of, discuss the content of the debate. Enjoy.

Episode 65: A Response to the Mohler-Date Debate, Part 1

Episode 66: A Response to the Mohler-Date Debate, Part 2