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How to change the mind of non-radical Muslims1 min read

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ArabWinterWorkingComp2I was just listening to an interview with Robert Spencer on ACM. Spencer is the author of Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In.

One of the questions I got to ask was ‘how do we reach the 75% of Muslims who are not violent, and can we encourage them to leave Islam?’ Spencer answered that you can’t really directly attempt to get them to abandon Islam, but what you can do is promote human rights, many of which are contradicted by Islam and Sharia law, including:

  • Women’s Rights – Full personhood and rights for women, including freedom to marry when and whom they like, freedom from FGM, and ability to vote, travel freely, drive, and work.
  • Religious Liberty – Allowing people to change their religion freely or choose to have none

I would also add that we need to continue to serve and evangelize Muslims so that they understand who Jesus really is, and so that they can eventually see who Mohammed really was.