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Guide: Roku Channels and Help2 min read

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I recently purchased a ROKU XD for my bedroom. I’ve got a 1st gen AppleTV downstairs. I don’t love the ROKU, but am trying my best to configure it to my liking. Here’s what I’ve found.

Last Updated: 9.3.11

1. Private Channels

In addition to the official Channel List, there are many third party channels, called “private channels,” which you can add. Check out the pretty up to date lists below:

2. Adding YouTube

As far as I can tell, there is no FREE way to stream YouTube on your ROKU.

  • RateRix (free) – technically, a video link sharing service, it DOES allow you some youtube access, but only links you manually add through your browser.
  • PlayOn TV ($5/mo, $40/yr, or $80 one time) – This nicely crafted software works, though it’s not a Youtube browser exactly – it lets you see your content, including your subscriptions – but I’m not willing to pay $5 a month to keep it. It also lets you stream your media from your pc, nice.

Here’s what does NOT work:

  • Private Channel B8VVK – worked until Google cut them off in 2010

3. Streaming  iTunes

Here’s what finally worked:

  • MyMedia (free) – at least I got this server product to stream from my computer to the Roku on my internal network. However, it’s interface is merely a clumsy folder browser, and can’t show iTunes playlists

Here’s the channels I tried out that did NOT work out (on my Win764 machine)

  • MP3Tunes (free to 2GB) – This awful service requires you to upload your media in order to stream it, and they limit you to 2G free.
  • roConnect (free) – help instructions did not match filenames downloaded, may only work on 32 bit, not sure.
  • Chaneru ($11) – software costs $11, instructions not very clear after downloading server.

4. TV

For even more info and help: