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Are you grandiloquent?1 min read

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Some fun with words and definitions – big words are very useful, but big words, not to mention copious words, can obfuscate rather than clarify. Here’s some fun words related to words. Got more?

grandiose but with little meaning, ostentatiously lofty in style

pompous or extravagant in language, style, or manner, esp. in a way that is intended to impress

pompous or pretentious speech or writing

fear of long words!

1) a person who is ignorant of large words
2) a person who pretends to know a word, then secretly refers to a dictionary

1)The use of more words than are required to express an idea; redundancy.
2) A superfluous word or phrase

given to using long words
Horace’s phrase was verba sesquipedalia which would mean “words a foot and a half long’ – like ‘sesquicentennial’ means the 150th anniversary.

turgid – (of language or style) tediously pompous or bombastic