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Jonny Lang, who left his childhood faith, returned to it a few years ago, and won a Grammy on the first CD that came out of that experience.

But before he returned to faith, he wrote and performed this song on Wander This World during his ‘lost’ period. ¬†Amazing song and lyrics.

I can’t believe in what I’ve seen

I been forsaken. I been deceived

Cast aside and left behind

I can’t believe my own eyes

I been waiting for the glory

Of the coming of the Lord

I heard a lot of stories

But all my prayers have been ignored

I been waiting in the wings

Between the ocean and the shore

But this time I’m leaving to stay

I’m walking away

I seen the red sky in the morning

I seen the low tide slipping away

I do believe I’ll take warning

Taking my leave to stay



Like an angel afraid to fly

Like the last lonely rose hung on the vine