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Why the unconverted can’t tell a Pharisee from a Christian2 min read

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imageThe problem with humanists is that they throw out the baby with the bathwater. They call it ‘humility’ to suspend judgment, yet they judge others in matters that suit them. They want compassion for all, but any hint of truth they dislike coming from the mouths of others equals Phariseeism. The real truth is, they can’t tell a true Christian from a Pharisee. To
them, Paul was a Pharisee when he condemned sins (of course, he was a Pharisee before conversion).

The essence of Phariseeism is that keeping of the rules makes one righteous. A true Christian knows that this is not so, yet he seeks moral purity because he loves God and hates sin. He hides in mercy and gives it to others, but also seeks to live and declare the truth to save himself and others from sin.

An unconverted ‘Christian’ flees from the truth and towards
truthless mercy because he, remaining uncoverted, still wants his sin more than God.
He can not preach against sin, except that of ‘judging
others’ because he himself is still living in it, powerless to transcend or fight it without the indwelling spirit, and must make excuses for himself.

In being ‘graceful’ (truthless) with others, he may pass this off as generosity, but he is mostly excusing himself from continuing in sin. And until the supernatural power of God does convert him, he can do naught but try to fool himself and others that he is really Christian.