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Congress creates or solves the economic mess, not the President1 min read

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Unemployment It is a pervasive myth that the President is the one who kills or saves the economy, but in reality, the President can only set a tone and direction through his proposals, as well as what he may approve or veto.

It is the Congress that creates the bills and determines the spending.  In fact, the Congress can totally ignore the President if they have a super majority, and in times when the Congressional majority is from the opposing party of the President, they often do.  The American thinker has a great article entitled Whose Mess?, in which they use unemployment numbers to show that the economy ALWAYS worsens under Democratic congresses.  Why?  Because liberal economics do not work. Overtaxing the successful is the failed model of pseudo-socialism, not free-market capitalism.

The graph above speaks for itself – see the pattern?  Every time a DEM Senate takes over (blue), unemployment goes up.  When a GOP Senate is in session (red), it goes down.  Maybe you read this differently – I mean, in 1993, it did begin to go down, but that's probably because of Bill Clinton approving NAFTA, which the majority of the DEMs voted AGAINST.  So again, the only successful reduction of unemployment during a Democratic Congress may have been due to the minority GOP. 

Something to think about.