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One News Now Updates 2009/08/291 min read

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News updates:

Group questions Catholic funeral for Kennedy
A Catholic pro-life leader has some scathing words concerning Senator Ted Kennedy's Catholic funeral.

Healthcare reform bill = loss of privacy
free market think tank is warning that the House healthcare bill could
potentially give thousands of federal employees access to citizens'
financial records.

Lesbian custody trial continues
A court custody battle continues between a born-again Christian mother in Virginia and her former lesbian partner in Vermont.

Obama 'stimulus' plays favorites with earmarks
tax policy expert says President Obama has reneged on his promise to
keep his economic "stimulus" plan transparent and free of earmarks.

Malaysia's image takes a beating in caning case
a series of flip-flops, authorities in Malaysia have decided that a
32-year-old Muslim woman caught drinking beer in violation of Islamic
law won't be caned after all.