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Through a glass darkly1 min read

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Lenses Here's the latest from Diversity Lane – but I have to admit, we all have the tendency to look through our ideological lenses instead of seeing the truth, but I think that the exaggerated panic and alarm mentality of the left makes this cartoon really appropriate.  If you just believed the liberal MSM, you'd think that:

  • We are on the edge of environmental collapse (Global Warming Alarmism)
  • We live in an incredibly racist society (Racism under every Bush, er bush)
  • We have a healthcare crisis that is about to plunge us into the dark ages
  • We have a financial crisis that necessitates huge government spending and debt

I think their priorities and viewpoints are way out of balance.  I see our priorities as:

  • Our government is too large and overspending
  • Our banking system lacks oversight, but needs to allow market forces to return it to sanity
  • We have an abortion problem – 3000 children killed a day

But that's me.  Enjoy the cartoon.  Click to enlarge.