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Some conservative bumper stickers I got in a viral email2 min read

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Messiah I haven't had time for blogging lately, but did get this humorous email I wanted to share.  I deleted the less intelligent bumper stickers, but these made me laugh, sometimes cynically.  Here are some choice stickers, with commentary.

This one to the right is my favorite, and speaks for itself.  Clever, though obvious.

This one reminds me of the classic "save the whales, kill our unborn?"  Still as poignant as ever:


Most of these focus on the Socialistic fears of us neocons.  We don't mind helping the poor with a hand up, but the poor need incentive to work when they can, like we all do:


Poor?  Work.  I know it's not that simple, but we still need to be reminded.  I had a friend out of work for months, living off of his friends, but unwilling to get a temp job at Costco because it was beneath him.  People that refuse to work should not be fed. Work is good for the soul:






There is a growing concern among neocons AND moderates that socialized medicine won't fix our problems, it will only make healthcare worse – just check out the increased disease and death rates in Canada.  Sure, doing nothing won't help, but socialized medicine?  This time, I'm with the Physicians.  I think that much of the Obama plan may be a boondoggle.


In fact, 'soft' Socialism really IS a danger, see the excellent book Liberal Fascism, a term coined by Orson Welles, who suggested that it was what we needed after he was impressed by Mousollini's Italy.  Speaking of Socialism:


I mean really, I think Obama is not going to save anyone – not the economy, not the unborn, and not the environment – because (1) his economics are insanity, (2) he doesn't believe that the unborn have rights as persons, and (3) global warming is a farce that those brainwashed by ecopolitics won't admit for years.  The answer to the question below?  40 years in my estimation.


And finally, let's remember that big government is the enemy of freedom.