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Now is it okay to say we won’t meet with dictators?1 min read

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One of the most infamous portions of the Democratic primary was then Sen. Obama's answering a YouTube debate question that as President he would meet separately without precondition with the dictatorial leaders of Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran in Washington D.C. or anywhere else during the first year of his administration.

With the USS John McCain (irony?) poised to intercept a North Korean ship suspected of carrying weapons materials, Kim Jong Il threatening to launch a missile toward Obama's birth state and, of course, the Iranian regime slaughtering their own citizens in the streets, can we now all agree that this was an uniformed statement that should now be discarded to the scrap heap of campaign promises. This is one that I sincerely hope President Obama will break. I believe that as he is currently seeing things and learning things that only a President can, he will change his mind on this as he has on other issues of foreign policy and national security.