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Another tragic murder, another political football2 min read

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Yesterday, a right-wing veteran and white supremacist who hated President Obama, pushed the conspiracy theory that his birth certificate was forged, criticized the media for their attacks on George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, was influenced by Fox News and conservative talk radio, had ties to anti-government groups like all those at the tea parties and had a screed republished at right-wing message board Free Republic murdered an African American union security guard, which should cause us all to accept the recent DHS memo warning of an uptick in domestic terrorism from anti-government veterans as well as encourage us to support tighter gun laws and union legislation.

Which is strange because on Wednesday an anti-semitic, Christian-hating, supporter of 9/11 conspiracy theories, registered Democrat, who has written about the evils of "neo-cons" like Bill O'Reilly, Rupert Murdoch, George W. Bush and John McCain, while blaming Christianity for the demise of the Roman Empire and Western Civilization also killed a guard at the Holocaust Museum and may have had plans for other targets including offices for the conservative magazine Weekly Standard and a Fox News studio.

How about we simply praise Stephen Tyrone Johns, the victim, for his bravery and condemn James Von Brunn for being an extremist, fringe murderer and leave it at that?

This guy was an equal opportunity hater and everyone could dig through his views and find something with which to demonize their political opponent. If you want to lay this guy at the feet of Rush Limbaugh (or Keith Olbermann) you have to ignore the other half of this crazy idiot.

Can we not let one tragedy happen without attempting to use it for political gain? Let this psychotic freak stay in his own corner of stupidity without trying to push him off on those you disagree with politically.