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Sexual innuendo and the low quality of modern liberal dialogue1 min read

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I wish I had taken off of work to attend a TEA Party protest yesterday (TEA = Taxed Enough Already), but I'm glad so many others did.  What was really amazing was the liberal reaction:

  • The MSM news largely ignored the event, though thousands participated in over 300 events across the country. Yet they covered with zeal (and 'compassion', but no discernment) the Oakland protesters who supported the recent black thug who executed four police in an effort to not go back to prison (he was carrying assault weapons).
  • Those MSM news organizations that did cover the TEA parties, like CNN, were hostile and derogatory.  It's shameful what passes as news reporting.  Fox News looks better every day.
  • The predominant liberal reaction was profane and base, calling the participants 'teabaggers,' a reference to a type of oral sex, usually associated with homosexuality (though I suppose that heteros can do it too).  Isn't it funny how they denigrate us with the practices they so enjoy and laud?

But what was really noteworthy is that, unlike many liberal protests, there was no shouting, no profanity, no hostility, and no public sexual exploits.  The quality of the protesters at the TEA parties was, contrary to the childish rebellion of much liberalism, mature, thoughtful, principled, and founded on principles of true liberty, not statism and moral permissivism.  And the cartoon below fits.