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Obama may be the farthest left at the G-20 Economic Summit2 min read

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President Obama will be one of the top liberal, big government, high tax leaders at the upcoming G-20 Summit.  For example, he'll be to the left of:

  • The Swedes, who, sometimes called European Economic Socialists, last week announced that they would not rescue Saab because 'they weren't in the business of running the auto industry'
  • The French, who also announced this past week that they weren't going to have a  big-spending stimulus package because it would be 'fiscally irresponsible"

BTW, that cartoon should say 'bail' not 'ball' ;O

Obama certainly has moved incredibly left, and is getting more inconsistent with his campaign pledges every day.  Consider that Obama has proposed and planned to:

  • create a 34% increase in spending in ONE year
  • take the national debt to 82% of our GDP
  • double the size of our national debt compared to our economy
  • create a $645 Billion energy tax increase for consumers

You think he could have got elected on that platform?  Doubt it.

Worse?  He promised that every bill would be visible on the inernet for five days on the internet so that every citizen could read it before he signed it.  Yet the $787B, 1100 page stimulus bill was forced through in 24 hours, without even giving time for Congress to read it before voting on it.

I am afraid that the first black president will be remembered more as Quixotic than wise.

I predict, to the chagrin of the Left, that GW Bush will be remembered mostly for keeping us safe from domestic terrorism, and perhaps for starting an upopular war in Iraq, but Obama will be remembered for being a stooge of disastrous leftist economic policies, and for running the economy into the ground, into record inflation and long term depression that could have been avoided if sound conservative economic policies, like some of the alternatives being presented by the GOP, were employed.

This is not my desire, but my fear.  The writing is on the wall, but we can't read.