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Pro-Syrian thugs attack Hitchens1 min read

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Thug (no other word to describe them) supporters of the Syrian Nazi party attacked Christopher Hitchens and some other Western journalists. Thankfully, they were able to get away with only minor injuries.

Even though I found his book to be entirely illogical and poorly reasoned, that does not mean that I relish this happening to him. I can completely disagree with someone over the most important issue and still hope that they are treated in a humane manner – my faith tells me to do so. ;)

At least some of the group was also supposed to meet with a Syrian Christian leader. No word yet on the extensive damage that the sure-to-have-been-present Christian mob delivered to Hitchens and the others. (Sorry couldn't resist, since we know that Hitch and the others are safe.)

While I'm sure he doesn't mind the well wishes, but could care less about the prayers – I think both would be in order for Hitchens and the others, for those who do both. For those who only do one – likewise.