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Consciously pointing to God2 min read

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"There is no god."

The fact that a person can hold to that opinion amounts to evidence to the contrary.

As you read my words and either agree or disagree with them, you are displaying consciousness which by it’s very existence points to a creator god.

Atheist Colin McGinn asks, "How can mere matter originate consciousness? How did evolution convert the water of biological tissue into the wine of consciousness?"

Materialist must explain how thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. have sprang up from chemical reactions and purely physical events.

Most try to simply say that at a certain point consciousness "emerges" as a biological process. As philosopher J.P. Moreland says, you’ve left the realm of materialism and entered into panpsychism. You are now saying that matter is not just physical, but that it also contains mental potentials or proto-mental states.

Your argument ceases to be that there is only matter, but that the world began with not just matter but what Moreland calls "pre-emergent mental properties." You are now closer to theism than atheism.

Also, if your mind was simply a by product of blind evolutionary forces, you would have no reason to trust the logic that it produces. If random forces and nonrational laws programmed your computer would you trust what it said? Why would your mind be any different?

British evolutionist J.B.S. Haldane said, "If my mental processes are determined wholly by the motions of the atoms in my brain, I have no reason to suppose that my beliefs are true … and hence I have no reason for supposing my brain to be composed of atoms."

Darwinist evolution cannot explain consciousness without leaving the realm of materialism. It is not, nor will it ever be possible.

Philosopher Robert Augros and physicist George Stanciu concluded, "The vain expectation that matter might someday account for mind … is like the alchemist’s dream of producing gold from lead."

Information provided by The Case for the Creator by Lee Strobel.