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Why I’m not voting for Obama2 min read

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I am not voting for Barack Obama for President. Below you will find why I cannot vote for this inspiring speaker and seemingly genuine politician.

Barack Obama on the Issues

Those are why I cannot vote for the man captivating millions of Americans and motivating new voters across the country. I know it’s not very edgy to simply state I disagree with him on basically every issue, including those for which he has only uttered platitudes, but he is a liberal. I’m a conservative.

I’m not sure why it’s hard to figure out why I don’t have a “Vote Obama” bumper sticker on my car and a donate link on my blog. Conservatives don’t vote for liberals. Liberals don’t vote for conservatives. They have conflicting viewpoints. Therefore, Obama will not get my vote in November.

The issues swirling about Rev. Wright and “bittergate” may or may not be indicative of the character of Obama, but those are inconsequential to determining my vote. They are interesting stories, but my vote comes down to the fact that Obama supports liberal policies. I don’t.

Sometimes, conservatives are forced to vote for moderates when put to a decision between a moderate and a liberal. That is why I will more than likely hold my nose and vote for John McCain. I don’t trust McCain as far as I can throw him, but I don’t trust Obama (or Hillary) at all.

I’m sure this will be attributed to my being an evil Rovian minion (since I’m part of the glorified “post-racial” generation), who actually enjoys character assassinations or something of the sort. But I actually liked Obama as a person (although he is going down the further this campaign drags on), I just disagreed with all of his positions and thought an incomplete first term as a US Senator was not enough experience for the leader of the free world. I guess that makes me a racist.