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Racism, conspiracies, and hyperbole in the black church4 min read

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I have not really wanted to post on the debacle of Baraq Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, whose anti-white, anti-America, and conspiratorial preaching has at least embarrassed the Obama campaign, if not driven it’s recent 5 percentage point loss in the last week.

But Bill O’Reilly has been running shows for three days on the subject, and not to run Obama into the ground, but because the reaction of black Americans is surprisingly supportive of Wright’s rhetoric, and because this reflects on Obama’s lack of judgment, the key attribute that he is running his campaign on.  So here’s what I’ve learned.

1. The MSM is proving itself, again, to be overwhelmingly biased.

Not only are a couple of the main news channels totally ignoring this important story, other are downplaying it.  When that crazy accusation about infidelity came up recently about McCain, it was all over the front pages, while this, arguably more relevant story, is being buried by the likes of the New York Times.

Now I am not surprised, but the fact that the MSM is in the tank for Obama is not only evident to conservatives, but even now to Hillary supporters.  It is pathetic.  I am glad that we have Fox News, which repeatedly has shown itself to be more fair and balanced than the liberal, biased American media.

2. The black church may be more infected with anti-white victimhood thinking than we realize

The fact that many blacks believe that the government created AIDS in order to kill off minorities, or that so-called Christians can stomach preaching that claims that the problem with the world is that it is run by ‘rich white people’ (this is as good as saying that it is being ruined by Jews and blacks).

I have been amazed that so many of O’Reilly’s recent guests have supported Rev. Wright, and said that such preaching is common in black churches.  Are you kidding me?  I have *never* heard racist preaching in my own predominantly white churches.  I am amazed that such things pass as spirituality in our day, and aghast that black Americans would look on such things without complaint.

Now admittedly, Wright may be using hyperbole, but to repeat such crazy conspiratorial and racially incendiary statements from the pulpit shows at least a lack of judgment, if not an underlying hatred that he refuses to acknowledge.  To say that Jesus taught him to ‘love the HELL’ out of his enemies shows he’s long on polemics and short on the love he claims to have.

And while blacks have certainly lived under the remains of institutional racism in America, to keep preaching such things as if they are trying to solve the current problems in America, rather than contributing to them, is ludicrous.

But let’s also acknowledge that he may be part of the leftist-leaning church, which may not even preach the gospel much anyway, but rather, the social gospel of political involvement.  Maybe surprise should be replaced by sorrow, pity, and increased efforts at redeeming the minds of our countrymen.

3. The left could care less when a leftist preacher endorses a candidate from the pulpit

What I want to know is, why is nobody crying foul that this preacher is endorsing Obama?  Isn’t that a violation of his church’s tax exempt status?

4. Obama is screwed, just as conservatives are hoping

His pathetically slow response to this issue, and his tepid rejection of Wright’s antics are too little, too late for many Americans.  And not because people don’t like criticisms of America, but because of the gross manner in which Rev. Wright spews his filthy attitude in the name of Christ.  Poor Obama should have seen this coming after 20 years in such a church.  Many of us are amazed that he would stay in a church like that.

Now I realize that perhaps the timing of this was planned by the Far Right Conspiracy to make sure that Hillary got picked instead of Obama, since she is more beatable by McCain.  But still, I think this story is fair and important to discuss, since we know so little about Obama, and his campaign of ‘judgment’ begs for such specific and relevant scrutiny.