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Most of these I wanted to write full posts on, but work is crazy so I haven’t had the chance. I don’t want to wait too long to get these up and out there, so here you go.

Kenya remains in trouble. Bloggers and others on the ground there are trying to raise awareness.

As Shaun Groves said, I’ve heard of the persecuted church, but not the persecuting church. He wonders how we can put pressure on Christian groups in other nations persecuting other Christians.

Thousands march on Washington to protest a government decision that denies rights to millions of Americans. The media yawns.

In a surprising (in a good way) development, a Baptist church has gained official recognition in Vietnam. It appears significant progress is being made in the communist country.

In science news, yet another archaeological discovery supports the historicity of the Old Testament, which can now be written in it’s entirety on the head of a pin.

Also, scientists continue to find that the Earth amazingly appears to have been designed just right to support life, but that does not mean a designer, nope, it means….um… means that there is no designer. They’re not sure how, but they’re working on it.

I thought this quote about Britain’s blasphemy laws was worth a mention.

For some Muslims conversion is a bigger threat than terrorism. For one Muslim teenager, she just wants to keep her faith and enjoy a sport she loves (and she should be able to do both).

Many Baptist are pondering the question over whether they should be “Baptist” in everything but their name. My thoughts: do whatever works best for your local body of believers and your community.

Some Christians are doing it right: college students providing housing for the homeless and working toward water solutions for the world’s poor, while a church collects $145,000 to give to the underpaid police officers in their area after three were killed in the line of duty. A group is working to fight human trafficking, an often forgotten blight on our world.

A former missionary to China answers the question of what Jesus would drive – not a Bentley. However, I think the aptly named televangelist Creflo Dollar would disagree:

“[W]e don’t have any problems with movie stars having more than one home. We don’t have any problems with sports people having more than one home. But, boy, if you get a man of God that has more than one home, then he’s got to be doing something wrong.”

Well Rev. Dollar, it’s probably because a “man of God” should be doing something better with his money than being himself a second home. Shouldn’t I hold you, as a minister of the Gospel, to a higher standard than I hold athletes and actors?

I’ve got so many links and so little time, I will have to put the rest in a post tomorrow.