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Liberal media bias? Even Harvard says “yes”1 min read

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Conservatives have long b*tched about the liberal bias in the media.  Now, Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy has done a definitive study, and surprise surprise, it turns out that Democrats are favored on television, radio and in the newspapers.  Thank God for Fox.

Here’s a nice quote:

CNN was the most hostile toward Republicans, MSNBC, surprisingly,
the most positive. MSNBC was also the most favorable toward Democrats
(47.2%), Fox (36.8%) the most critical.

The anti-GOP attitude also lives on National Public Radio’s "Morning
Edition." There, Democrats were approvingly covered more than a third
as often as Republicans. Negative coverage of Democrats was a
negligible 5.9%. It seemed to be reserved for Republicans, who were
subject to one-fifth of the program’s disparaging reports.

Even talk radio, generally considered a bastion of conservatism, has
been relatively rough on the GOP. On conservative shows, Obama got more
favorable treatment (27.8%) than Rudy Giuliani (25%).