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Why conservatives should be opposing gay advocacy2 min read

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I often get asked by angry gay advocates why conservatives and Christians are so interested in resisting the gay legal agenda, which most gays think is harmless, if not beneficial to humanity in general.  To them, we are hateful, judgmental people, pathologically focused on them, trying to withhold civil liberties from them, with absolutely no good reason.  They aren’t hurting anyone, and giving them such things as marriage rights will not harm society.

But epidemiology, nature, and the scriptures say otherwise.  Here are the main reasons why conservatives are interested in and oppose gay advocacy.

This is just an outline, but each point links to articles that discuss the bullet more fully.  Why be interested in the homosexual discussion, or oppose homosexual advocacy?

  1. it is one of the civil rights movements of our time
  2. it is of current theological importance, as we see entire denominations splitting over it
  3. it is and always has been a questionable moral behavior which is finding, if not pushing for, increased acceptance in public policy. Public policy on such matters is a topic for all citizens to discuss.
  4. the legal and social acceptance of homosexuality as a norm has potentially serious negative implications for our children, the family, and society
  5. the legal acceptance of homosexuality has religious liberty implications
  6. biblically speaking, the acceptance of homosexuality brings God’s judgement upon a nation
  7. hate speech laws are an infringement on free speech, and a dangerous totalitarian tactic and known in other contexts as blasphemy laws

Of course, many will disagree with these, but those are the reasons that conservatives and religious conservatives would give for being interested in homosexual advocacy (we don’t care what you do in your bedroom).