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How long should deceased preachers be on the radio?1 min read

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On the way home from work today, I put on my local xian radio station, and heard D. James Kennedy talking, and I wondered, "how long will his show be on the air now that he is gone?" 

I began to think of the other deceased guys who are on the radio – like Adrian Rogers, who died this past year, and whom I only recently discovered, and enjoy immensely.  Then there’s J. Vernon McGee,
who is just awesome, but gone since 1988.  So I guess that as long as
people support them, they’ll be on the radio.  But that brings up some
other interesting questions:

  • are they keeping good, living teachers off of the radio?
  • while radio may be fine, is it creepy to keep playing their videos on tv after they are dead?
  • should their ministries shift or diminish as new leadership emerges or fails to?
  • should ministries go on forever? 

Who else is still on radio or tv, but now dead?