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Communicating for Change – The Relational Communications Model1 min read

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As part of my pastoral internship, I have to read and apply the principles of communication in Andy Stanley’s really good book, Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication.  I won’t give you the 7 keys this time, but what I do find interesting is his method for organizing a sermon (or any other type of motivational speech), based on the Me, We, God, You, We pattern.

Here’s my brief synopsis, very nice.

  • ME – Connect with the audience, share personal relationship with the subject matter.
  • WE – Reveal the felt needs and tensions that we share – discuss a shared difficulty that you will be addressing.
  • GOD – What is the biblical viewpoint and/or solution for the problem revealed above?
  • YOU – Personal application, challenge, and call to action.
  • WE – Paint a motivating picture (vision) of what we will look, feel, and BE like when we take action on God’s truths.  Inspire them to see a desired end and take the action you are recommending.

He also shared a great set of two questions to ask yourself while preparing a sermon. These act as plumb lines to keep you focused and effective:

  • What is the ONE thing you want them to know?
  • What is the ONE action you want them to take?

This book is a great gift for aspiring pastors, it really impacted and helped me for sure.