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Summary of Objections to Global Warming Panic1 min read

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Here’s my summary of why stubborn global-warming critics still exist despite the “overwhelming scientific consensus.”

If global warming critics were saying that “the impact won’t be for years, and who cares,” that would be short sighted.  What we are instead saying, however, is that

  • the proposed mechanism of global warming is dubious because it is based on questionable science, and more recent science casts doubt on the original alarmist conclusions
  • the proposed efforts to reduce global warming are dubious because we are unsure that humans really are the cause of the warming
  • the proposed future affects of global warming are dubious because there is little evidence, only computer models which are easily manipulated by climate alarmists who want to prove a point
  • the proponents of global warming show all the signs of unreasoned fanaticism – alarmism, suppression of dissent, over-stating their case, patronizing responses to skeptics, and being in bed with the political left on other issues.
  • these dubious claims and efforts take resources away from REAL present AND future crises we ought to address, like poverty, hunger, disease, and the spread of liberalism