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How the UN Human Rights Council has Failed It’s Mission1 min read

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First, the Executive Director of UN Watch castigates the council for being blatantly anti-Israel while being silent on the Islamic violence in over 100 countries.

And here’s Newt’s evaluation, including this mention from The Washington Post:

For all its faults, the previous U.N. commission occasionally discussed
and condemned the regimes most responsible for human rights crimes,
such as those in Belarus and Burma. China used to feel compelled to
burnish its record before the annual meeting. The new council, in
contrast, has so far taken action on only one country, which has
dominated the debate at both of its regular meetings and been the sole
subject of two extraordinary sessions: Israel.

Again, the Exec Director of UN Watch on Canadian news, praising Canada for it’s role on the Human Rights Council, but urges that it can do more  by not being silent on some issues:

Here’s more on how the UN Human Rights Council has failed to confront the lies and murders of the Sudan government and the Islamic liars in the Sudan