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Anti-Jihad Blogs2 min read

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If you would like to keep up on Islam, try these sites.  Most are anti-terrorism, but I’ve include a few from the other side.  A few.


  • 3 Ex-terrorists: Three brave ex-Muslims who campaign against Jihad.  They travel around speaking, and will be here at Stanford in the middle of April.
  • 910 Group – A premier think tank for combating jihad.
  • Americans Against Hate
  • Brussels Journal – These guys write about all things Europe from a conservative point of view, but mostly they are anti EU and monitoring the Islamification of Europe.  Home of the bold and infamous Fjordman
  • Counterterrorism Blog
  • – one of the best sites to keep up with Islamification of western culture through current events.
  • Gates of Vienna – Great site
  • Hot Air – The Jihadwatch video archive, commentary by Robert Spencer, author of The Truth About Mohammed.
  • Illustrated PIG was shut down by google.  Not associated with Robert Spencer’s PIG to Islam, this site is meant to offend Muslims as it keeps up with news events. Girl of the day is usually some pic of a beautiful, partly clothed Arab female.  Naughty, but wickedly so.
  • Islam on this Day – replaces the Illustrated PIG.  Some graphic material.
  • – best of the best sites on Islam in the news, home of Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald
  • Steve Decatur’s Pageflakes:  Steve has gathered content from almost 50 different feeds into one place.  Now if I only had time to pipe them into one feed using Yahoo pipes.
  • Terrorist Awareness Network – an amalgam of outreaches from Jihad Watch
  • The Religion of Peace – tracking all of the negative press, bombings, rapes, and other sicknesses that come from Islam on a daily basis.  Pulls no punches, one of my favorite sites.

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