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Post-abortion get well cards1 min read

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Who would have thought we’d see abortion e-cards? Now, you can send a nice post-abortion get well card, courtesy of Exhale, a mostly pro-choice after-abortion services company.  I’m glad they realize that people need counseling and healing after the trauma of it – not just the trauma of having an ‘unwanted’ pregnancy, or of being caught in the political and moral battle, but because abortion itself is injurious to both soul and body.  Non-judgmental listening is probably a good start, but how can you heal from sin if you don’t acknowledge it? 

Maybe you should have supported their pregnancy instead of trying to clean up the post-abortion wreckage. (Note:  the image to the right is NOT one of their cards, it’s a parody from Hot Air, pointing up the fact that people are not usually joyful after making their ‘liberating’ decision, perhaps because it is a bad decision).