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My Three Cents1 min read

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  • Whatsinaversion
    Bible Version Selection Tool – Which bible version is best for you?  Find out.  (HT:  Henry’s Web – note that Henry has also published a book on English Bible Translations entitled What’s in a Version?)
  • Test your religious literacy – I got a 92 (pride showing).  I missed 4 of the 7 Catholic sacraments.  Others I knew.
  • Learn About Other Faiths? Yes. Mandatory? NO! – Susan Thistlethwaite argues that being ignorant of world religions is to be ignorant of culture and history.
  • Woman sues over unsuccessful abortion – the baby lived, and the woman is suing for child-rearing costs (if that includes college, she should get a nice settlement!).  I’m sure the kid will love her for her devotion, if he makes it out of childhood.  In a strange twist, her last name is Raper.
  • Woman awakes from coma – amazingly, this woman awoke from her 6 years in a coma, did a news interview, then went back into a coma.  Cyclical awakening seems to be more prevalent than previously thought.  Wow.