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Homosexuality in the News 03/20072 min read

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  • Ex-gay therapy on Montel:  Looks like the March 15 Montel Williams show (set your TIVO now!) is about sexual-reorientation therapy, but from some notes released from the taping, it looks like it was not really an open or unbiased look – two of the guests left in the middle of the taping, and near the end, an audience member starting shouting at Montel that he was being unfair.
  • Ex-gay on Canadian TV: This short segment is actually well done, interviewing two guys who went through ex-gay programs, one ‘sucessfully’ and the other not.  Worth a look.
  • Abomination DVD:  Throckmorton reviews this new DVD which is critical of reparative therapy.  Unfortunately, it looks like it chose the worst abuses as representative of ex-gay therapy.  Interestingly, Throckmorton is in the midst of trying to get agreement in the psychotherapy community on his Sexual Identity Therapy (SIT) Guidelines, which are not yet available to the public while they undergo review.  His comment at the end of this post is revealing – he is being generous and cautious.  Nice.

  • Lovinghomosexuals
    Turn down the condemnation:  A couple of leading ex-gay leaders are asking churches to tone down the condemnation if they really want to reach gays with the truths that can heal them. This reminds me of Chad Thompson’s book Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would: A Fresh Christian Approach, in which he also goes a step further and thinks that we should not be forbidding gay marriage legislatively either.
  • Ex-gay stories:  PFOX has a new blog on which they have begun posting people’s ex-gay stories – a whole three of them so far.  Maybe they can get the other guy to post his, and then we’ll have all of them ;)  Anyway, watch for more.
  • Gay sheep indicate hx may be biological and correctable: Al Mohler discusses the issue which will come up again and again as the search for the gay gene continues; if a gay gene is found, can we change or treat it?  Is that ethical?  Can we abort potentially gay fetuses?  My current position is (a) we can treat it like any other genetic abnormality, and (b) of course we can not abort fetuses for ANY reason, save grave diseases or to save the mother’s life.