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Homomisia and Islamomisia, not phobia1 min read

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I have to take a stand on the misuse and abuse of the suffix "phobia", used by alarmist fear mongers to discredit their moral critics.  The terms "homophobia" and "Islamophobia" are both disingenuous misnomers aimed at those who take a negative moral stance against homosexuality and Islamism.

I think that a much more accurate suffix will actually please both sides of this question, and that is the suffix misia, which means "hate, hater, hatred; disgust for; revulsion of."  You see, while I find homosexuality disgusting (and there are valid reasons for disgust – we find poo disgusting for health reasons, for example), gays would say that I am actually hating.  But hey, misia could mean either, so I’m good with this one word.  So, I may be guilty of homomisia and Islamomisia, but not phobia.   

Although I admit that actually being afraid of Islam is a valid and real phenomenon – what sane person would not fear such a murderous, oppressive system?