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Debate Series1 min read

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The Rosenkranz Foundation, in partnership with The Times Online (UK), has sponsored a new debate series on serious and contentious public policy issues.  Usually, three experts or representatives (in case you don’t think they are experts) from each side are present.  ABC News did a piece on tonight’s debate, "Global Warming is not a Crisis."

Note that you can listen to the IQ2US debate series archived on NPR, including:

  • Is America Too Damn Religious?
  • Hollywood and the Spread of Anti-Americanism
  • Hamas: Government or Terrorist Organization?
  • Weighing the Limits of Freedom of Expression (Freedom of expression must include the right to offend)
  • Debating a Nuclear Iran

Upcoming debates in this "IQ2US" program include the following topics:

  • Spreading democracy in the Middle East is a bad idea
  • Let’s stop welcoming illegal immigrants
  • Russia is becoming our enemy again
  • It’s time to end affirmative action
  • Aid to Africa has done more harm than good
  • Racial profiling keeps criminals off our streets
  • Excellence in sports requires performance enhancing drugs
  • Darfur is not our problem
  • America’s newspapers are dead
  • Civil unions, "yes": gay marriage, "no"
  • CEOs get paid way too much