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A European Declaration of Independence – Part I11 min read

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Over at The Brussels Journal, Fjordman documents the growing inability and unwillingness of European governments to reign in growing Muslim crime (read 'jihad against non-Muslims"), and bemoans the uselessness of the EU, and then declares that the European states need to declare independence from the the EU.

Below, I summarize Fjordman's points.

1.  Non-Muslims are starting to riot in response to the inability of law enforcement against Muslim crimes.

Ondiep, a working class neighbourhood in the Dutch town of Utrecht, is in turmoil.
After the death last Sunday of Rinie Mulder, a 54-year old indigenous
Dutchman who was shot by a police officer, non-immigrant citizens went
on a rampage, burning cars, looting shops and arsoning a community
centre in “inverted Paris style riots.” According to our sources the police officer who killed Mulder is a woman of Moroccan origin.

The Ondiep residents have been complaining for months
about harassment and intimidation by immigrant youths of Moroccan
origin. The Dutch mainstream media do not go into much detail about
what is going on. Most of them do not mention the ethnicity of the victim and the police officer, though the riots clearly have an ethnic nature.

Apparently Mulder intervened when Muslim youths harassed a pregnant
native Dutch woman. He was able to grab the knife of one of the youths.
When the police arrived Mulder was shot because he had raised the
knife. Witnesses say Mulder was indicating to the police that he had
called for them.

2. Similar discontent is simmering across Europe

This issue is not just about Utrecht or Holland. Similar resentment
against Muslim immigrants, but at least as much against their own
authorities, is quietly brewing among the natives all over Western

3. Muslim crimes against non-muslims is on the rise across Europe

This wave of violence especially targets Jews, but the attacks against Christians that are going on in the Middle East are increasingly spreading to Europe as well.
In more and more cities across the continent, non-Muslims are being
harassed, robbed, mugged, raped, stabbed and even killed by Muslims.
Native Europeans are slowly becoming second-rate citizens in their own

This violence by Muslims is usually labelled simply as "crime," but I
believe it should more accurately be called Jihad.
Those who know early
Islamic history, as described in books such as The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer, know that looting and stealing the property of non-Muslims
has been part and parcel of Jihad from the very beginning. In fact, so
much of the behavior of Muhammad himself and the early Muslims could be deemed criminal
that it is difficult to know exactly where crime ends and Jihad begins.
In the city of Oslo, for instance, it is documented that some of the
criminal Muslim gangs also have close ties to radical religious groups at home and abroad. As Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen points out,
the Koran is seen by some Muslims as a God-given "hunting licence,"
granting them the right to assault and even murder non-Muslims. It is
hardly accidental that while Muslims make up about 10% of the
population in France, they make up an estimated 70% of French prison inmates.

4. Radical muslim groups take over immigrant neighborhoods

In the city of Antwerp, Belgium, Marij Uijt den Bogaard
from 2003 to 2006 worked as a civil servant in the immigrant borough of
Berchem. She noted how radical Islamist groups began to take over the
immigrant neighbourhoods, but was fired when she warned against this
danger in her reports to the authorities:

"Many victims of burglaries in houses and cars, of steaming and
other forms of violence, can testify that aggression by Muslims is not
directed against brothers and sisters, but against whoever is a kafir,
a non-believer.
Young Muslims justify their behaviour towards women who
do not wear the headscarf, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, by referring
to the Salafist teaching which says that these women are whores and
should be treated as such. They told me this. I wrote it down in my
reports, but the authorities refuse to hear it."

5. Rape not seen as a crime by many Muslims in France

Filmmaker Pierre Rehov tells how
a friend of his is a retired chief of police who used to be in charge
of the security of a major city in the south of France. According to
him, 80% of the rapes in the area were made by Muslim young men. In
most cases, the parents would not understand why they would be
arrested. T
he only evil those parents would see, genuinely, was the
temptation that the male children had to face from infidel women.

6. Multiculturalism in Sweden is killing Swedish culture

It seems that our modern day multiculturalism, which values all cultures equally (which is rightly condemened by Ayaan Hirsi Ali), ends up killing the western culture on which most freedoms stand.

Jonathan Friedman, an American living in Sweden, mentions that the so-called Integration Act of 1997 proclaimed that "Sweden is a Multicultural society."
The Act implicitly states that Sweden doesn't have a history, only the
various ethnic groups that live there. Native Swedes have been reduced
to just another ethnic group in Sweden, with no more claim to the
country than the Somalis who arrived there last Thursday. As Friedman
puts it: "In Sweden, it's almost as if the state has sided with the
immigrants against the Swedish working class."

Pierre Schori, Minister for immigration, during a parliamentary
debate in 1997 said that: "Racism and xenophobia should be banned and
chased [away]," and that one should not accept "excuses, such as that
there were flaws in the immigration and refugee policies." In other
words: It should be viewed as a crime for the indigenous population not
to assist in wiping themselves out. The state is turned into an enemy
of the very population it is supposed to protect. Swedes pay some of
the highest tax rates in the world, and for this they get runaway crime
rates and a government that is actively hostile to their interests.

7. Failing to protect indigenous populations will lead to one thing: lack of confidence in the government, and a resulting desire to pay less taxes and take justice into our own hands – that is, vigilante justice.

According to Theodore Dalrymple,
"For the last 40 years, government policy in Britain, de facto if not
always de jure, has been to render the British population virtually
defenseless against criminals and criminality. Almost alone of British
government policies, this one has been supremely effective: no Briton
nowadays goes many hours without wondering how to avoid being
victimized by a criminal intent on theft, burglary, or violence."

He fears that "the failure of the state to protect the lives and
property of its citizens, and to take seriously its duty in this
regard, creates a politically dangerous situation, for it puts the very
legitimacy of the state itself at risk. The potential consequences are
incalculable, for the failure might bring the rule of law itself into
disrepute and give an opportunity to the brutal and the authoritarian."

In Norway, local politician Bengt Michalsen had a tape
from a surveillance camera clearly identifying two youths as doing
damage to a van at a car park. He delivered the tape to the police, and
months later received a note that the case had been dismissed because
the police didn't have the capacity to prosecute it. According to the
local police chief, the public "just had to get used to" the fact the
police wouldn't spend time on petty crime.

So, that means that Scandinavians will have to protect our own
property, right? Not exactly. The authorities just want us to take it
lying down and do nothing.

In Denmark, at least one of three would-be robbers shot by a watchmaker plans to file for compensation
over wrongful injury, loss of work time and loss of the ability to
work. The three threatened the watchmaker by putting a fake pistol up
to his chin, but he had a real pistol behind his counter and managed to
fire it. He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and taken
into police custody. Attorney Svend Raether said that it is possible
for the thief to receive compensation, despite having been injured
while committing a crime.

Citizens in Western European countries pay high taxes to a state
that is totally incapable of protecting our most basic rights, and is
frequently unwilling even to try. With hate speech laws we are deprived
of the right to protest against being swamped by immigration that will
eventually render us minorities in our own countries. The law is used
to punish the law-abiding while the criminals rule the streets.

If the authorities refuse to uphold the laws designed to protect us
and keep passing new laws that threaten the freedom of our children and
the survival of our nations, we will sooner or later have to decide
when civil disobedience becomes not just a right, but a duty. And I
fear what will happen once we reach that point, which may not be too
far off. Judging from the recent uprisings in Utrecht, this process has
already begun.

8. The fact that much of the immigration problem has to do with edicts coming from the EU, usurping the power of nation states to manage their borders and pushing this insane multiculturalism that allows jihad to infiltrate the west, is an abuse that demands an end, hence, independence from the EU.

Europeans are currently subject to worse insults from our governments
than the Americans were at [the time of the American Revolution], being persecuted in our own
cities and subject to a government-supported program of gradual
cultural eradication. We need a European Declaration of Independence,
calling for our emancipation from the bureaucratic feudalism of
Brussels and the totalitarian ideology of Multiculturalism.

Next time, I'll give an overview of Fjordman's proposed European Declaration of Independence from the EU.

A European Declaration of Independence – Part II