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Greatest President Ever1 min read

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In honor of the day after President’s Day, here is the top five presidents according to a Gallup poll:

1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Ronald Reagan
3. John F. Kennedy
4. Bill Clinton
5. Franklin D. Roosevelt

To show that Americans know little of their history, George Washington comes in sixth, followed by president’s of recent memory Truman, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Carter and George W. Bush; along with Thomas Jefferson.

All of this is subjective, but there is no way John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush deserve one vote for greatest US President ever, they should not even be near the top ten.

My list would probably be:
1. George Washington
2. Abraham Lincoln
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. Ronald Reagen
5. Andrew Jackson
6. Franklin Roosevelt
7. Teddy Roosevelt
8. Dwight Eisenhower
9. Harry Truman
10t. Woodrow Wilson
10t. James K. Polk

The farther down the list I went, the harder it got because many were advocates of things I oppose. But there is no perfect President, so each must be evaluated in light of their accomplishments and flaws.