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Emancipation from the Liberal Plantation1 min read

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African Americans are leaving the Democratic party in greater numbers because they feel that it’s liberal and anti-religious values don’t match theirs.  A new video, Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution, documents the history of black gains erased by Democrats after reconstruction, and shows many prominent modern blacks who say that they are willing to risk the rejection and ridicule (being called “Uncle Toms”) of many blacks who think that the liberal emphasis on government programs is really in their best interest.

In fact, the term “liberal plantation” refers to how minorities are kept in a state of slave-like dependence on government by many of the liberal hand-out programs (entitlement programs), which keeps them from fulfilling their true potential.  Books such as Uncle Sam’s Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America’s Poor and What We Can Do About It illustrate these ideas.

And as far as liberal values are concerned, many conservative blacks are pro-family biblical Christians, and are offended that gay-rights advocates sully the purity of the black civil rights movement by claiming parity with the black movement.

“I know deep in my sanctified soul that my dad didn’t march for same-sex marriage”
– Dr. Bernice King, youngest daughter of Martin luther King Jr.

You can watch the ERR trailer and an interview with the director.