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What do you want on your tombstone?1 min read

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A Wiccan widow is fighting for the right to place a Wiccan symbol on her veteran husband’s tombstone.

Sam sent me this story earlier this month, but with work and Thanksgiving I have not had a chance to post on it.

I can partly see a point by the government. You don’t want to open up to any and every symbol. And before you say, “Yes you do” – do you want to see a Nazi symbol set up or how about a burning cross?

There should be some line that prevents offensive symbols from being placed on tombstones regardless of the affiliation of the deceased veteran.

Having said that, the Wiccan symbol is not one of those. If a soldier followed Wicca, let them put that symbol over their grave.

This is again an issue of the government being able to recognize a religion without endorsing it. Having a cross on federal property does not make that land or our government Christian. Neither does having a Wiccan pentacle on a tombstone mean anything more than the deceased followed that religion.

When in doubt the government should allow religious expression. More freedom is almost always a good thing.