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Nigerian Rental Scam2 min read

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WangThis past week, I was almost the victim of a Fake Money Order Rent Check Nigerian scam.  No, not the typical 419 scam, but one that I was not aware of.  They look at home rental ads, and pose at potential renters.  As it turns out, the venerable Dr. Wang Qin is a well-known scammer.   

I got suspicious when he called me, and had a Nigerian, rather than a Chinese accent (he sent me the attached photo of "his" passport).

As the first link on the page indicates, he posed as a Chinese Doctor in London who was coming to the U.S., and wanted to rent the property.  He told me he could not be here to sign the lease, but would send me the first five months rent as a good faith thing.  He mailed me the Cashier’s Check ($9,000), but then asked me to wire the extra money ($6,000) to the shipping company (Namron Furnitures Company [sic]). Of course, warning bells went off, and sure enough, my bank confirmed with the bank of the supposed Cashier’s check that the check was invalid. 

After finding out, my first response was to want to insult and threaten him, send him a nice letter bomb, not to mention track him down and tell the authorities (or tell the local Muslims that he blasphemed Mohamed).  Of course, I really didn’t lose any money, and I figured, this guy is LOST.  So I sent him this email, and haven’t heard from him since.

My Final Letter to "Dr. Wang Qin"

It has come to my attention that you are not a Doctor, nor Chinese, but most likely, a Nigerian scam artist attempting to steal money.  Please STOP contacting me.

I understand that in your home country, you may be poor, or have suffered a hard life.  However, allowing so much darkness into your soul by cheating others is only going to make your life worse.

You told me you were a Christian, but obviously, you are far from God.  Before you totally destroy your soul, turn to Jesus in truth.  The path your are on only leads to death and emptiness.

I hope you turn from darkness to light to serve the living God.  May God bless you and give you help.