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The Bible influencing politics1 min read

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I hate that I am posting about politics again today, but a recent story plays into the recent debate here on torture, the Christian response to it and what role faith should play in politics.

Nancy Pelosi misquotes the Bible in her objections to detainee treatment.

Does this mean she is trying to force her beliefs on everyone else?

Is it okay for her to use her faith or any faith as a reasoning behind her stance?

As the post asks, does this make Pelosi a theocrat?

When you start attacking the influence of religion in the public square, be sure that you understand that virtually everyone in every party on every political issue resorts to using some type of religious or moral argument.

Me, I have nothing against Nancy Pelosi using the Bible or any other source of inspiration to defend her stance. My faith is what continues to give me pause over the same issue.

I hope that Republicans do not attack her for bringing this issue up. But it does seem somewhat hypocritical for her to reference a moral teaching to support her stance in this instance, yet oppose the use of moral and religious reasoning by those on the right.

Is it okay to use moral or religious principles when deciding a stance on a certain political issue? How much is too much? Or is it only an issue when the other side does it?